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Give & Take

With some people, you give and give, and it never really shows. The return on investment, as it were, just isn’t there, and you end up feeling just a little abused.

With other people, though, you give a little, and you get it back and whole lot more in return, unasked for. Those people make it worth the effort, and you hope that the concept of karma works for them, because if it doesn’t work for them, then who else will it work for?

Oh, and Memoirs of a Geisha is a decent movie all up. 3½ stars or so, as these things go.

Yes this is another one of those reflective posts. I’m going to be doing them all week, so get used to it.

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Giving and taking…

hmmz…it’s true. When one gives and there is no return, one can definately feel abused and used, but at the same time, there are those who are just not capable of giving back because they just don’t know how. To give and not expect to receive is great gift one could have.

Again, to receive in return is most fantastic and most rewarding at times. Yet, is it not even more rewarding if that receiving gift was never expected.

Just some food for thought for everybody…no rights or wrongs…just thoughts…

That’s why you should only give because giving makes you feel good, you shouldn’t give with the hidden expectation of receiving. Though it’s much easier said than done I admit :(

well sometimes, you give without expectation of receiving, and then you give again, and most likely again. There is at some point where the well of patience is emptied, and you start to recount and look for some balances to the equation – that’s when giving starts to turn sour, when you realise that it is making little difference, and the resentment, however unfortunate, builds.

I don’t know. I can hardly draw on the energy of those who give to me without asking and give to those who take without acknowledgement; it’s unfair on those who continue to give without asking. So it is nearly inevitable that you think less of those whom you feel like you are giving without a return, and more of those who give far more than they need to given your reciprocation.

It’s one of those petty things I have, I guess. I like to call it a conscience.

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