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Just occasionally…

… something on the net catches your eye; something someone out there has written. Someone you may know, or someone you may not. You stop, and you read it over again, just to check that your eyes didn’t just make it up. You return to it the next day to make sure it wasn’t just a day dream. You see a comment link, but even if you do put some text in that box, you don’t hit send, you don’t “post comment”. You want to savour it and cherish it and want to reach out to that person and say “I know what you are thinking; I know what you mean; it’s like you read my mind.” but you can’t put it in words sufficient to express the depth of that poignant emotion, and you sit back, and the day is changed, maybe even the week.

but you hope that somehow, somewhere out there, someone else knows how you feel, in a never ending chain of human emotion and metaphysical connections.

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But I know that same feeling…been there done that…it just shows that people are never alone in their suffering and pain. There is ALWAYS someone else.

not necessarily suffering and pain – sometimes, perhaps more usually for me, it’s a positive thing, like someone reflecting on a good day. or sometimes it’s neutral more than anything, just someone ruminating. Suffering and pain is if anything rare for me since i seem not to be able to empathize very well with those things; significant personality hole of mine.

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