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Birthday/Birthday/Pool BBQ

It’s a funny thing sometimes – when something you want to happen doesn’t happen, you get disappointed. But then, serrendipitously, it happens without preamble, and you have two paths to choose. You can choose to enjoy it, to revel in the fact that it’s finally happening, or you can choose to turn the bitter side up and regret that it didn’t happen when you wanted it to happen before.

Ever since we moved into this house, I’ve thought of “Come summer, I’ll have friends over and we’ll have a BBQ and jump in the pool and chit chat and just enjoy,” but never once did it happen until today. Despite all my efforts in three and a half years, I couldn’t get the motivation rolling among my friends, many and varied. And only now, a week and a half out from my leaving this house, I get what I wanted, however petty or strange it may sound.

In my darker moments, I would turn to the bitter path, regretting and resenting those who disappointed me before – in a way, I might say I realise who my friends really were, that those I once called friends at the end of school by and large proved to be different, that I was forcing myself into a social circle that showed itself to be not my natural level. In my darker moments, I contemplate these things overmuch.

But today (and last night, which was a similar wish of mine), and thus probably in perpetuity, it was a good day. And on good days, you smile and you laugh and you enjoy the company of those around you, and you remember it as a good day, or a good night if that be the case, and you are thankful for the fact that what you wanted came about, however roundabout the impetuous, and you leave it at that. Because it was a good day.

Thank you.

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You know why it didn’t happen before??
Cos I wasn’t the one organising it!!! Ha!

Yes! Praise me and my ever-awesome organisational skills!!!

In my limited experience I’ve found that thinking individuals have a harder time just settling… but I suppose it’s all based on your criteria for friendship. Currently I see my closest friend once every 3 months, so maybe it’s quality not quantity eh?

I’m glad you had a good time regardless–was it your birthday?

Dude…if I had known you better back at school i woiuld’ve been there more frequently…you’re the closest damn pool (friend’s house) to me…hehe

Oh well…

Nathan: heh my bad man should have called you back about it >.> sorry dude, it was a fun day!

hui-ai: yes yes I know, which is why i thanked you for organising it yesterday :P

kahiti: i guess it is occasionally things like that =) still, you can’t help but hope for more. but no, wasn’t my birthday. Saturday night was a 21st birthday for a great friend from uni, and Sunday was a pool party surprise 21st birthday (that wasn’t such a surprise in the end) for a close friend, Fay.

Celina: lol :D i’da invited you but i didn’t want to scare these people with a cosplaying beauty ;P

peter: heh excuses excuses :P simple fact is that hui-ai’s brow-beating organising that pulled it together… ;)

So really Karan, can you say it’s our fault for you not being able to sell your product better? :P

Sorry I couldn’t make it due to work glad you guys had fun though :).

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