Month: January 2006

  • I wuz gonna post something long…

    … but I got distracted by a lovely afternoon spent as one would if one were 15 with nothing better to do. At the “mall”. Anyway, by all accounts, I am off to Sydney tomorrow morning and I will stagnate there for a couple of days (read: watch movies, read books, eat popcorn, do all […]

  • Perth’s Flying/Hovering Car

    Perth has a flying/hovering car: I’m a fan of the Harry Potter theory (via Nathan)

  • The Bubble Project

    The Bubble Project: Put speech bubbles on posters, stand back and wait for the public to fill them in.

  • Google “Stop Pong”

    AmEx isn’t doing such a good job for their Stop Pong campaign, because I’m top Google for it… somehow >.> Viva la Blog!

  • Clothing Conspiracy

    We have managed to uncover a huge clothing conspiracy which may explain why you no longer fit into that nice size M shirt, and are now guiltily standing at the counter buying a size L even though you really aren’t all that large. Yessiree, there’s a bourgeois conspiracy to make the untailored clothes buying public […]

  • By any other name

    In my more idle moments, such as those occupying the many hours spent on public transport, I often daydream and speculate – some of which ends up here on this very blog when it happens to be something I deem intriguing – and one of my occasional random thoughts is: what am I going to […]

  • Happy Invasion Day!

    Let us celebrate this day in history! Onwards and upwards, indeed. (also see this image)

  • Give & Take

    With some people, you give and give, and it never really shows. The return on investment, as it were, just isn’t there, and you end up feeling just a little abused. With other people, though, you give a little, and you get it back and whole lot more in return, unasked for. Those people make […]

  • Just occasionally…

    … something on the net catches your eye; something someone out there has written. Someone you may know, or someone you may not. You stop, and you read it over again, just to check that your eyes didn’t just make it up. You return to it the next day to make sure it wasn’t just […]

  • Birthday/Birthday/Pool BBQ

    It’s a funny thing sometimes – when something you want to happen doesn’t happen, you get disappointed. But then, serrendipitously, it happens without preamble, and you have two paths to choose. You can choose to enjoy it, to revel in the fact that it’s finally happening, or you can choose to turn the bitter side […]