2005 was a helluva year. Without having consulted my uni diary or the dke project archives, I can barely remember what happened in October let alone what happened in January, so I did the only thing one can do, and looked up those two sources. 2005, thus, in summary for myself from the top goes a little something like this:

  • Set and broke my first ever New Year’s resolution – took almost 2 months doing so however, so I feel a little bit of pride at that at least.
  • Worked some freelance, which was cool. Tax not cool.
  • Did a short course in Car Maintenence. I now actually have an idea about what I’m talking about when in discussion about cars, and could service car myself.
  • Jumped at the chance to go travelling – turned into the Big Trip 2005: USA & Japan and that rocked some major socks. This really has been a travelling year for me, and I’ve loved it.
  • Applied for graduate work… and got it o.O So that’s wrapping me up for next year in Sydney.
  • Fell in love with Lost. Great writing, brilliant suspense, and just awesome all over.
  • Loved New York. Liked LA, kinda (that much sun and surf, how could I not). Found a friend on the other side of the world =) Oh and met relatives who I’d never met or even seen before and turned out to be were awesomely cool.
  • Found Japan to live up to some expectations, and not so much others. Mixed feelings about Japan, but overall highly positive and would love to be back there.
  • Got the iPod “serviced” twice, but still love it to iddylil’ bits.
  • Went to my first AFL match!
  • Got my first car!
  • Turned 20 :( Sounds old.
  • Went to Sydney for a friend’s wedding. First time I could say “Friend’s Wedding”.
  • Supported the Swans to victory! Talk about picking the right time to get behind them.
  • Went to a bunch of 21sts. Didn’t drink once. Something is not right about that.
  • October went by largely unnoticed. November too, what with exams done. The Socceroos got through to the World Cup, and that was cool (I wasn’t bandwagoning or anything)
  • “Won” NaNoWriMo for the first time with Dark Rising (working title). More on this at a later date. :tease:
  • Fell in love with Firefly.
  • Moved to Pushing the Sky, and my stuff to Sydney in preperation for 2006 =)

Thus endth the year 2005 for me. (Exciting summary? I know. I’m not going to do a big ol’ rambling peice on the year because there’s simply been too much, so there’s too much to say which would be of interest beyond a personal diary style.)

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  1. Happy New Years, Karan!

    I’ve never even attempted to cover what I’ve done in a year, so good job with summarizing that–hopefully next year’s will be just as grand. =)

  2. hehe, Happy New Year to you as well, although it’s probably still a couple of hours away for you :)

    and yeah, it’s been a busy year, and that was pretty much the highlights from my blog so if I didn’t blog it, it didn’t happen as far as my memory is concerned =D fingers crossed this year is as good.

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