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I’ve always liked Sundays – I was born on one. I think the week starts on a Sunday – I’ve always liked the idea that you start the week chillin’. So I figure what better day to launch Pushing the Sky than on Sunday? Monday’s for the bug fixing, because I’ll be annoyed anyhow.

Some of you may like what I’ve done with the place, and some of you may not. Some of you will be viewing this in Internet Explorer or Safari, and I’m here to tell you that I don’t like your browsers. I’m no CSS expert, so I don’t know why Internet Explorer (or Safari) should be interpreting the CSS rules in this particular way, and thus I have to deliver a substandard design to you guys.
Back to the guys’n’gals in Firefox. You’re seeing the originally conceived design for this site. Pretty, ain’t it? I certainly hope you think that, it’s been no small amount of effort to put this site together and add something of a personal touch to it.

Back in the early days of the dke project, I tried to define something of a mission statement for myself. I imagined that the site would turn out to be something of a challenge for me, getting me to test out my design skills as well as increasing my abilities in HTML – those were the days when Notepad was my editing companion. Intially inspired by Jack and Annie’s sites, I drew on what basic skill I had and designed… well, not much. Failing so comprehenively to even get going on my mission statement, I spun it out into a blog and chucked all those things that I thought to say, and put it out there in the deluded hope that someone was listening. Eventually, I heard someone listening, and talking back, and since have been onto a good thing. Never quite on a good thing, just onto it =)

But I digress, as ever. Welcome to Pushing the Sky, more randomness from yours truly. I’ve expanded my design skills in the years since the dke project first started – I’m thinking to do a gallery or a theme switcher to let everyone check out from where I’ve come – and I hope this one is just a little innovating. Much has gone on behind the scenes for me to even concieve of this design, let alone execute it as I have, conceding much to the capabilities of XHTML & CSS, and for their help I am indebted to the various top blogging sites that I have stolen ideas from, and Jack for doing his sounding board thing, letting me bounce ideas & betas off, and I thank him for his tips and patience through my whiny whinging.

I do believe I’m getting carried away as is. The design is what you might call stable, though it will remain in something of a constant state of evolution as I tweak lines here and there, as well as bits of the design which don’t reveal themselves at first glance (i.e. when I realise I forgot to take care of something). I’ve resisted the temptation to go completely Web 2.0 with a bunch of flashy javascript & ajax out of simple concern for bandwidth and actual relevance/usefulness. But hopefully it doesn’t look out of date =)

The site remains a little empty at the moment; obviously it takes time to fill all the gaps in. And I am also still considering whether I should wrestle with the archives to integrate the dke project’s archives – any votes in favour? Let me know.


11 Replies to “Welcome to Pushing the Sky”

  1. hey congrats on your new look
    totally missed the comment button the last time i was here
    totally missed out on the 3Dness, but i see it now :D

  2. hui-ai: you gotta be using firefox… and it’s kinda one of those magic eye things. you either see it or you don’t.

    what are you perplexed about though?!

  3. Oooh! I don’t have firefox! All I see is grey.
    T’was perplexed about 3Dness…or lack thereof.

  4. I have the firefox!
    I see the 3Dness! When you said magic eye things I thought it would be more elaborate. Turns out it was just a perspective thing. Man! Talk about being let down!

  5. hui-ai: lol I’m just using the analogy Nathan made :)

    ama: ok it’s fixored for Opera – because Opera was being ghey and interpreting a CSS link wrongly, and that was intended only to target Safari on Mac.

    And anyhow, 98% of my audience on the dke project was Firefox/Mozilla-based and IE. 75% was Firefox/Mozilla, and that’s what I catered for. Stupid minority 1-2% browsers *grumbles*

  6. hey, hey, nice, fresh, new layout. =] I believe that my friends using IE should convert to firefox and make my blog feel better about itself… anyway, glad to see the “orginal” form. good writings to you

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