Month: December 2005

  • 2005

    2005 was a helluva year. Without having consulted my uni diary or the dke project archives, I can barely remember what happened in October let alone what happened in January, so I did the only thing one can do, and looked up those two sources. 2005, thus, in summary for myself from the top goes […]

  • “Home”

    Someone care to define the concept of “home” as opposed to “house”? I’m not entirely sure where my home is at the moment, but I’m back in Melbourne at the very least, having come back via the driving way. Which I have discovered can be accomplished on a single tank of fuel (only just) from […]

  • Season’s Greetings from Sydney

    Hey everyone, hope you had a brilliant Christmas, however you chose to celebrate. I have my temporary access thing still going up here, but strangely am missing the computer far less than I do at home when it’s right there and connected. One of the factors that I’ve found has been underestimated is the simple […]

  • Hiatus (kinda maybe)

    It’s very early in this blog’s life, but I will be going on a hiatus over the next week or so, as I will be in Sydney and will be limited to net access on my mobile – which isn’t spectacular. Thanks to Gmail Mobile I will be able to check my email periodically, but […]

  • Presidential Options

    You are the President of the USA.

  • It’s a Wonderful Internet

    It’s a Wonderful Internet – “Every time a bell rings, a baby website gets its own URL” =D

  • eInk commeth

    Tell me that ain’t an impressive beauty. The chick, not the clock. Such a fine shape I ain’t ever seen… No of course I meant the clock. (sigh, yes, I can hear your groans already). But yes, my friends, that above is eInk demonstrated. I mean, obviously it’d be a lot more impressive were it […]

  • Firefox Extensions

    I reckon you should have these Firefox Extensions installed.

  • let go

    Step back. Don’t think so hard. Don’t try to hold on it when it’s going away. The horizon is tbe constant, but you need to keep moving towards it. Move forward, ever further, leaving your past behind like so many of yesterday’s memories and the embers of days past. let go of expectations. let go […]

  • Demockratees

    Demockratees! (sounds like a greek philosopher)