Movies to Watch, 2008

(links to trailers/more info where available/relevant)

  • 21 (Heist!)
  • Be Kind Rewind (Mos Def, Jack Black, and some good ol’ fun)
  • Cloverfield (As if not)
  • The Dark Knight (Let’s see if they can follow up Batman Begins)
  • Get Smart (Steve Carrel as Maxwell Smart, Anne Hathaway as 99… could work, could work.)
  • Harold & Kumar 2: Escape From Guantanamo (Hey, it was worth a laugh the first time)
  • Speed Racer (Because… it’s different. I’m no fan of the cartoon, though)
  • Trailer Trash (a movie… composed entirely of trailers! The mind boggles. What kind of trailer will this have?!)
  • The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan and Jet Li! can’t go wrong, can it?)
  • Jumper (I have a total crush on Rachel Bilson, and I don’t care if she’s only got a minor role)
  • Semi Pro (Will Farrell takes on Basketball)
  • Wanted (Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy, guns and assassins)
  • The Bank Job (nominally; Jason Streatham Statham, heist movie set in London)
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (INDY!!!!!)
  • Untitled James Bond 22 (How can you miss Bond?)
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (dubious about lack of Rachel Weisz)

5 responses to “Movies to Watch, 2008”

  1. – Cloverfield looks like a Godzilla movie :P
    – Get Smart will probably be rubbish, but I’m curious enough to watch it
    – Harold and Kumar can only get better (ala American Pie).
    – Jet Li and Jason Statham screwed up a movie together, I’m hoping Jackie Chan and Jet Li won’t screw up this Monkey Magic remake
    – Jumper looks interesting, but I do have reservations about Anakin Skywalker’s acting abilities.
    – Indy and the Mummy…why not?

  2. Cloverfield, I aint a fan of horror, but this complete lack of information about the plot is interesting.

    Just saw the GetSmart poster, don’t like it. Max looks too humourless and 99 too plastic.

    Any Batman movie is probably a must watch, especially since the last one was actually decent.

    Speed Racer will be crap, it’s probably very cheesy too.

    Forbidden Kingdom looks ok, but still not convinced by Jacky or Jet’s english, so I might want for a chinese version :D

    Jumper looks cool, and Rachel too.

    Any movie with Jolie in it is a good one.

    The rest I have yet to consider – ie even bother watching the trailer.

  3. I don’t think Cloverfield is horror, nor is it quite the godzilla movie… I tend to think of it as a movie length Lost episode set in New York, though I guess we shall see. I may be typecasting the producer here.

  4. I’m confident that Cloverfield will be a Godzilla movie. JJ Abrams has said in interviews that America needs a Godzilla character (read: franchise). Personally I’m skeptical about it because how long can he pull that mysterious Lost bullshit before everyone gets sick of it.

    Remember M. Night Shyamalan? One-trick pony. I’m not saying Abrams is out of tricks but it just seems like he’s milking Lost to ridiculous levels.

    I am so excited about The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger looks like he’s set to play the Joker in the most darkest way possible rather than the overgrown man-child that was Jack Nicholson. (Not that Jack was bad but the character of the Joker can be so much more sinister.)

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