Advice on Buying a Coat

When buying a coat, remember to consider the following:

  • Pockets. Proper pockets you can really jam you hands into. You can’t imagine how important this is until it’s 7:30 in the morning and there’s a bit of a breeze blowing.
  • Check that it fits over your usual work stuff. A coat is not a substitute for your standard suit jacket.
  • Make sure it’s longer than your usual suit length! Nothing like a short coat to make you look a fool.
  • Check you can button it up so that little draughts can’t get in, coz that’s baaaaad.
  • Side-slits to get at your pants-pockets would be useful, though.
  • Check that it’s not going to whimp out in the rain, or whatever cheap-imitation-of you may have in your town.
  • Be prepared to spend money (When I saw a £1000 suit from a non-designer brand, that freaked me a little)

My best piece of advice though?

  • Move some where you’ll never need it. Like Singapore.


3 responses to “Advice on Buying a Coat”

  1. oh yeah… not that i need a coat here. It’s been in the 80-90*F here and it’s supposed to be autumn. Perhaps the 18 wildfires in southern california aren’t helping.

  2. haha yeah hawaii wouldn’t be a bad idea either :)

    Damn, just realised it is autumn in California… In Australia this is when wildfire/bushfire season is starting, so I wasn’t so surprised at hearing that story, but now that I think about it that’s pretty bad.

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