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Deja-vu all over again

Last minute flight to Melbourne – $300
(very) Last minute hotel booking – $200
Lunching, brunching, dinners, cakes, and 7 coffees – $200-ish

Realising your friends are more awesome than you’ve ever given them credit for?

I’ve felt this way before, and the earlier feeling returned stronger than ever, as I moved from one friend to the next; I didn’t spend nearly as much time as some of these people deserve, and didn’t meet nearly as many people as I should’ve, but the doubts I had Saturday night proved to be baseless. Some friends you can never let go, and I think I’ve found my few.

In a sense, the diary-esque nature of this is blog is parroting a tradition going back millenia, I’m sure. The difference is, of course, that here I can search instantly on a few key words to find those key moments. I don’t take nearly enough time to re-read my own ramblings – indeed, I hardly even look at the post after posting.

And thus I learn and grow.

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thanks for letting us know you were back. good to see you caught up with everyone whos important.

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