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Movie Reviews – Quickie Edition I

Garden State: Totally do not get what the fuss was about. I think I fell asleep halfway through. ★★☆

The Last King of Scotland: somewhat like Blood Daimond, a struggle to get through purely because of the visceral depth of human drama on display – Africa really is a place that gets to you. Excellently acted, but surprisingly left me with little emotional impact. ★★★☆

Domino: Slick and well-paced, if a tad predictable, and the cinematography is so over the top you just want the juttering camera work to slow down and be normal for a bit. Keira kicks ass but has her default expression set to “angst”.★★★

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Garden State was an awkward movie. The soundtrack blew me away though. Last Kiss is probably a better made film plus Rachel Billson is like twenty different kinds of sexy.

Last King of Scotland had really great work from Forest Whitaker. Otherwise it was an aimless sort of movie. I prefer Hotel Rwanda for sheer gut-wrenching sadness and poignancy.

Domino. Like 6 of us tried to watch it on a hot summer’s day and we all hated it. Unbearable. Maybe it was a fluke?

I will concede the Garden State soundtrack rocks; yet to see Last Kiss, or Hotel Rwanda, though (it’s on my list).

I can see how that would happen. I was intent on watching it because I’d heard some good things about it, and anyway crime capers hold my attention, but other than that I cannot imagine anyone bothering to pay attention through all the fast (pointless) cuts and mostly random plot twists. I like how the movie is a little left-of-centre about things though.

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