Movie Review: Hot Fuzz

Oh yeah, bring the Fuzz :) I totally ♥ Simon Pegg and his team of creative bastards.


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Zomg I just watched this today. It is a brilliant movie. Defective Yeti was spot on about the movie. It’s just brilliantly clever how the jokes may be parody but the movie stands on its own. I think it exceeded Shaun of the Dead in terms of creativity and plot, just awesome.

yeah, I think DY does nail it – I was afraid for about 10 min right in the thick of things that they had gotten bogged down, but then the plot turned to 11 and suddenly it was alive! and kicking! :)

what makes it better than Shaun is that it doesn’t purely rely on in-jokes and references, which made it hard for non-zombie-watchers (like me) to follow some of the allusions. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve seen that many cop/buddy cop movies…

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