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Help Me Decide!

Trying to pick where to live. I have three options – two by myself, one share.

Option A: Goldhawk Road

  • Studio Apartment
  • £180 per week
    • Doesn’t include anything – have to pay electricity, phone, internet, water, TV (have to pay for a “TV license” here) rates on top
  • Decently spec’d kitchen (albeit old appliances, no cutlery etc)
  • Average-to-small bathroom
  • Futon-bed-thing
  • 4th floor
  • Good wardrobe
  • Semi-suburban – quiet enough, not far from shops etc.
  • 10 min walk from station
  • Total 30 – 40 min commute
  • Bright and airy

Option B: Fulham Palace Road

  • Studio Apartment (in a big block – former doctor residence)
  • £220 per week
    • Includes all expenses except laundry, phone (but does include internet)

    Somewhat small (barely room to swing a cat and all that)

  • Modern kitchen with modern appliances & cutlery etc (though small)
  • Small bathroom
  • Futon-bed-thing
  • Limited wardrobe
  • Common room, courtyard part of premesis
  • Dark – lights will need to be on 90% of the time I’m at home
  • 5 – 10 min walk from station
  • Total 30 – 40 min commute
  • Busy road

Option C: Wolfe Crescent

  • Share House
    • Large bedroom, average bathroom (ensuite), small yard/garden for me
  • £200 per week (approx)
    • Includes bills
  • House in suburban-ish area, medium density
  • Sharing with 4 others
    • 3 Polish (married couple, guy) and 1 French (girl)
    • All professionals
    • Good English
  • Shared kitchen/living area
  • Proper bed
  • 5 – 8 min walk to station
    • 15 – 20 min commute to work
  • 3 min walk to bus stop
    • 20 – 25 min commute to work (bus stop directly outside work)

I’m leaning to Option C at this point. Help me decide! I need a decision by tomorrow morning!

7 replies on “Help Me Decide!”

I say C or B
Yeah C sounds good. where abouts are these places located? are they close to shops? I guess I only care about the location :P
gotta go shopping!

1 French Girl, isn’t that all you need? :P
Honestly tho, option C looks best, unless if you ain’t very good at sharing accommodation!

French girl! Wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

I’d say share because furniture and stuff gets pricey and it’s going to be a temporary thing anyway so you may so the less spent the better. Save all that money for an iPhone.

*sigh* I knew saying “French girl” was going to get that reaction…

chicky: haha, they’re all reasonably close to shops, though England doesn’t do the shopping-mall style that Aus or the US has – it’s a lot more about “the high street”..

Jack: all these places are furnished so furniture etc isn’t really a factor.

Looks like option C is the go!

Go Option C if you’re alright with sharing. Damn they’re all expensive though, compared to Melbourne rent anyway. I wince looking at places in the city to rent, and they’re only maybe A$350-$400. :p

What?! How come I didn’t get a reply!
Take photos, either of the room or the girl, I don’t mind. :P
Preferably both!

They (the share house ppl) said yes! I’m just going hold off on the official word until I actually sign and whatnot, though).

Nathan: hah, I’m looking in the cheaper areas relatively! :) London is one fricken expensive city…

Kelson: what did you have to say before that I could respond to? :P

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