Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World’s End

(spoiler free – I’d never do that to you!)

Why is it that by the third of a trilogy, the producers feel like they have to stretch things out just that liiiiiiiitle bit more, as though to reward the loyal fans? They did it to The Matrix, with its umpteen final gasps, to Spiderman, with its unnecessary villains, to Lord of the Rings, which admittedly is more Tolkien’s story, to Star Wars (both times!)? Is it a way to “wrap up” somehow?

Admittedly, I by and large love the stuff. Swallow it whole. The third movie is the last one that counts, right? Any series which breaks out to the fourth is just cashing in, and any existing credit goes out the window. See Rocky, Rambo, Lethal Weapon, etc. Three is the upper limit, and you’d better bloody well hope they keep it that way. Name a good IV, anyone. (Star Wars IV doesn’t count, m’kay?)

Except for Pirates. Which is a universe that should just keep on rockin’ =)

Yes, At World’s End is too long by 20 minutes. There’s action sequences they could have chopped in half and still acheived much the same effect. There’s dramatic tension moments that are stretched to the point where you’re wondering why they’re not getting on with already (it’s because they have to speak like a pirate, and that’s hard). But, despite all this, it’s awesome. There’s more Jack! (yes of course he’s alive. What would a PotC movie be without Jack Sparrow?) With Barbosa to play off! There’s the usual goofiness of his crew. There’s Keira Knightley playing dress-ups, occasionally even fetchingly :D. There’s the sincere action that crops up at all the right moments. There’s mysticism and a little melodrama, along with a villain you can properly dislike. I’d say it wraps up all the threads from Dead Man’s Chest, but many new ones raised here are left open – fertile ground indeed.

Oh sure, there’s aspects that disappoint, but it’s a good ride to the end. There are certainly aspects which actually may be considered a bit of a cop-out to IV – I beg the producers, don’t, no matter how much money you mint off this one. Use different characters, a different plot structure, maybe go back into the past? I don’t know, just don’t try to reunite these three again.

Also? If anyone tells you to hang around for a little bonus after the credits? Hint: wait for it on DVD.

What did I think? Worth the money. ★★★★☆

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haha well there’s the other three people I went to see it with too :D

and trust me, it wasn’t worth sticking around for…

But if you wait for it on DVD, you’ll need to spend money on it again. And now that would REALLY be stupid if what you told me of the scenes is true!

I think it could have ended a different way for a slightly happier ending, but there’s certainly potential for another movie. I’m in the “I hope they don’t make it” boat as well, but where there’s money to be made…

I ALWAYS wait through credits because I love the music. Pirates I is the first movie that really awarded me for my patience and it was the final scene in III that kept me from sobbing my way home. I’m hoping for an “extended” version on DVD that includes the rumored cut scenes that give us a happier ending for Will and Elizabeth.

The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great in every way, the best part of the other two was the special effects… the question now is, if they come out with a fourth, will it maintain the quality of the first?

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