Movie Review: The Pursuit of Happyness

Despite this being an excellent movie, in terms of acting and script writing and the message it has to carry, it depressed me.

Despite the naturally upbeat attitude of Will Smith as Chris Gardener, despite his son’s great performance, despite all the amusing lines and situations, despite the happy ending that is real and shows that you can get ahead in the face of adversity… it made me feel a little angry at the system, and at how little we care for the poor in society, and even a little guilty of my own easy path, and a little personally terrified of how I’d handle the situation.

Great movie, but god, it is (potentially) depressing. ★★★☆

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Well its not exactly news that the system treats the rich well and the poor poorly. It’s fundamentally capitalism – not getting screwed is expensive!

It may be fundamentally (or fundamentalist, your pick) capitalism, but is that right or fair? Shouldn’t it be a little more responsible?

capitalism is never about being right or fair, thats communism! All measures that make society fairer is basically anti-capitalism. If you have a completely free market, the rich will only get richer, and the poor getting more ripped off!

maybe so… The ending to the movie made me forget how depressed I was the rest of the time. It’s weird to think of such movies as capitalist propaganda (although it is a true story)… but a lot of people use such specific examples to argue that hard work and determination is all it takes to move up. Bullshit. Neither me nor those other suburban middle class kids have any idea…

Just watched it. Definitely not a movie to watch to relax. It had my mind whirring the whole time and after the movie I felt really unsatisfied. Good movie overall, but some thing really felt lacking. Actually, I kind of feel down now.

well I wasn’t quite that unsatisfied or down, but when you do contemplate the scenario it is plenty depressing. And yet I feel so hopeless to help…

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