Movie Reviews

Deja vu: Good police-case movie with a sci fi twist that is totally unbelievable if you actually care to think. Still, the tension is good. ★★★

Blood Diamond: Brilliant and visceral movie with some great acting and engrossing albeit predictable plot. Leo goes from strength to strength and Jennifer Connolly just looks good :) Djimon Honsou really needs to find different roles though… ★★★★

Smokin’ Aces: Gun action turned up to 11. Mostly a by-the-numbers Mafia movie, but does have its moments. Alicia Keys does surprisingly well, and Ryan Reynolds shows he can act serious convincingly. Still, let down by some needless violence and bland predictable characterisation. ★★☆

TMNT: Oh why-oh-why couldn’t they just call it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? To sound like they are part of the SMS generation? Half the people in the audience were late teens to mid twenties – they don’t buy the pretentious crap. The movie though? Kicks ass! Serious ass! (Don’t get bogged down in details, dude) Good laughs and decent animation, only slightly let down by blatant foreshadowing of “TMNT 2” (please don’t!). One for the fans. ★★★★

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